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Christians, Call on Jesus
© Copyright 2000 Jennifer Joy Campbell (BMI)

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      *Featuring guest artist Darrell Luster.

Follow Hope

© Copyright 2014 Jennifer Joy Campbell (BMI)

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Jesus Gave His Life for Love
© Copyright 2013 Jennifer Joy Campbell (BMI)

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He Will Stand By You
© Copyright 1998 Jennifer Joy Campbell (BMI)

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      *Video filmed aboard the Carnival Fascination cruise in the Bahamas.

Thank You, Lord

© Copyright 2015 Jennifer Joy Campbell (BMI)

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The Solid Rock

Arrangement: © Copyright 2017 Ken Campbell
Lyrics: Edward Mote, 1834 Music: William B. Bradbury, 1863

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There's Sunshine Awaiting You
© Copyright 2000 Jennifer Joy Campbell (BMI)

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Technical Information and Credits

Lead vocals and vocal backup by Jennifer Campbell and Ken Campbell

Arrangements and orchestrations by Ken Campbell

Available musical instrument complement: Yamaha G3 6ft Grand Piano, Hammond XK-2 Organ, Leslie Speaker 760, Roland RD-500 Electric Keyboard, Impulse 49 Keyboard Controller, Silvo Soprani 120 Bass Accordion, Pearl Session Series Drum Kit, Zildjian Custom Series Orchestral Cymbals, Fender Jazz Bass, Rogue Acoustic Bass, Oscar Schmidt Autoharp, Square Neck Dobro, Emmons Pedal Steel Guitar, Advance Eb Bass Horn, Fender Electric Mandolin, Fender Nashville Telecaster Electric Guitar, Gemeinhardt Flute, Besson Clarinet, and Fender Electric Violin.

Available virtual instrument complement: Orchestral samples included in this recording are from the Vienna Symphonic Library. We are using the essential orchestra special edition and appassionata strings in 64-bit high-precision with Vienna Ensemble Pro. Other samples and sounds include Roland Super JV1080 Synthesizer Module, select acoustic samples from PG Music, Pro Tools Virtual Instruments, and Abbey Road Studios Yamaha CFX Concert Grand Piano.

Available studio recording complement: Digidesign 003 Console, 2 HP Z400 Workstations linked by CAT6 network interface (1 computer for recording software and 1 linked computer for the sampled notes from the Vienna Symphonic Library), Pro Tools 10 Recording Software with a maximum capacity of 96 audio tracks and 64 virtual instrumental tracks, Sibelius 7 Music Notation Software (some elements are played or sung from written arrangements), Melodyne Vocal Processing, Slate Digital Finalizing, and Sony CD Architecture.

The time required to produce one song may range from 60 to 120 hours.