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 June 2020
    You Are Never Distant From God!
July 2019
    Bountiful Harvests
November 2018
    Are You Comfortable?
July 2018
    Fishing for Souls
May 2018
    Believe in Jesus
April 2018
    Forever Faithful
    He's Alive!
February 2018
    He Rescued Me

January 2018
    Have a Blessed New Year!

 December 2017
    Merry Christmas!

 November 2017
    Thanksgiving Blessings

 October 2017
    God Answers Prayer

    The End is Near

 September 2017
    Rebuilding Lives

 August 2017
    Sinking Sand

    Trusting God

 July 2017
     God's Master Plan

     Preach the Gospel Everywhere

 June 2017
     Be the One

 May 2017
     Freedom Isn't Free

     Follow the Son
     In His Presence
     Soar Like an Eagle!
     The Bread of Life

 April 2017
     Signs of the Times

     He Has Risen!
     What is Love?
March 2017
     Jesus Has Overcome the World!

     Wait Upon the Lord
     Jesus Gave His Life for Love
     Will You Be the One?

 February 2017
     Broken Pieces
      Make the Most of Every Opportunity!
      True Greatness

 January 2017
      Name Above All Names
      Prayer is Powerful
      The Light of the World
      Keeping New Year's Resolutions

 December 2016
      Christmas Is Only the Beginning!
      Make Time for Christmas!
      The Greatest Gift
      Heavenly Peace

 November 2016
      Good News of Great Joy!
      Give Thanks in All Circumstances!
      The Grace of God

 October 2016
      Seek His Face
      The Prayer of Faith
      Trust Jesus!
      When Christ Appears
      The Lord Will Go Before You!

 September 2016
      God Has Not Forgotten You
      A Strong Tower
      God is Our Refuge
      When Brokenness Becomes Whole
      Best Laid Plans
      Get Plugged In!

 August 2016
      God Can Use You!
      Lend a Helping Hand
      Back to School
      Press on Toward the Goal

 July 2016
      Take Courage!
      Be Prepared!
      Share the Good News!
      We Are the Church!

 June 2016
      Preach the Word
      The Father's Love
      Saved by Grace
      Love Never Fails

 May 2016
      Coming Soon
      Don't Worry!
      Many Languages
      God Has a Master Plan
      Singing for Jesus!

 April 2016
      Wait Patiently
      He Knows Your Name
      The Narrow Door
      Delight in the Lord!

 March 2016
      He Has Risen!
      Living a Life of Love
      Our Constant Friend

 February 2016
      Goodbyes Are Not Forever
      Momentary Troubles
      There's No Greater Love
      God is Always Enough!

 January 2016
      A Grateful Heart
      One of a Kind
      The Important Thing
      Inseparable Love
      A Blessed New Year!

 December 2015
      The Lord is Come!
      Christmas Joy
      Christmas Begins With Christ

 November 2015
      A Thankful Christmas
      A Box of Love
      365 Days of Thanksgiving
      Give Thanks

 October 2015
      All Things Are Possible With God!
      God's Love is Infinite!
      Changing Seasons
      Great is Our God!

 September 2015
      Sing to the Lord!
      You Are Loved by God!
      Grandparent's Day
      Happy Labor Day!

 August 2015
      Our Help
      Do Everything for Jesus!
      Be the Reason Someone Smiles!
      The Anchor
      Infinite Love

 July 2015
      Summer Harvest
      Don't Be Afraid of the Storm!
      True Freedom

 June 2015
      The Lost is Found

      Happy Father's Day!

      Be a Light!
      Beyond Imagination
      Move That Mountain!
      Are You Confused?

 May 2015
      Happy Birthday!
      A Work in Progress
      Cast Your Nets!
      Two Quarters
      A Mom's Love
      Climbing a Tree
      What's Rocking Your Boat?

 April 2015
      The Giant in Your Life
      What Am I Doing Here?
      Jesus Help: My Testimony
      Easter Sunday: Jesus is Alive!

 March 2015
      Palm Sunday: A Journey on a Donkey
      The Gift of Life
      Life, Love, Easter
      Let Go of Your Worries!
      Everything You Do Matters!

 February 2015
      The Greatest Valentine
      The Ultimate Prize

 January 2015
      You Are Loved
      There is Hope
      Happy New Year!!!

 November 2014
      Follow Hope

 October 2014
      The Love of Christmas
      Faith Can Move Mountains!

 September 2014
      Decisions, Decisions, Decisions
      Phone a Friend
      Tackling the Giants
      Our Protector and Our Shield

 August 2014
      Nothing Can Separate Us
      Incredible Cats

 July 2014
      5,000 Dinner Guests

 May 2014
      Happy Mother's Day!
      The Desires of Your Heart

 April 2014
      Jesus Gave