March 2022
      The Lord Is My Refuge

July 2021
      Homecoming in Eastern Europe

April 2021
      He Lives Forevermore!

December 2020
      The Heart of Worship

July 2020
      The World Changed Overnight

May 2020
      The Answer for the World

April 2020
      Easter Is Not Another Ordinary Day

March 2020
      Hope for Uncertain Times

October 2019
      God Will Always Remain Faithful

April 2019
      What Does Easter Mean to You?

April 2018
      You Are Loved

March 2018
      Grace Friday
      The Journey Began on a Donkey

January 2018
     Keeping Christmas in 2018

September 2017
     Are You Prepared?

August 2017
     Fully Trusting

June 2017
     A Second Chance

March 2017

      A New Season
      When Opportunity Knocks

July 2016

     The Search for Answers

April 2016
     A Life for Love

February 2016
     Leap Year 2016

October 2015
     Best Laid Plans

September 2015
      Hope in a Box

June 2015
      Our Father

May 2015
      Honor Your Mother

 April 2015
      Grace Friday

 February 2015
      Looking Beyond
      No Greater Love

 December 2014
      Christmas Changed the World
 October 2014
      A Forever Fortune

      Tackling the Giants

 September 2014
      Our Shield

 August 2014
      Lost and Found

 July 2014
      Peace Beyond Understanding
      The Wind and the Waves
      You Are Worth More
 June 2014
      NYC Worship Project: My First Multi-Day Mission Trip
      Life Is A Mission Field: Reflections on the NYC Worship Project

 May 2014
      The Lifeboat
      The Redwood Tree

 April 2014
      Faith Makes All Things Possible!
      Jesus Gave His Life For Love
      Jesus, Help
      Enjoying Life Every Moment You Live
      Keep Your Fork!
      The Thorns

 March 2014
      Let Us Adore Him!
      Pray Continually
      Outside of Your Comfort Zone

 February 2014
      Breaking the Box
      Fall in Love!

  January 2014
      The Brooklyn Tabernacle Choir: "Always Faithful"

 December 2013
      After-Christmas Sales

 November 2013
      Checking In

 October 2013
      Pray Now!
      From Impossible To Possible!
      The Mountain

 September 2013
      My 100th Blog: With God All Things Are Possible!
      Moving On

 August 2013
      New Beginnings
      Travel Delays or God-Sent Detours?

 May 2013
      Prayer Works

 April 2013
      You Will Persevere!
      We're Gonna Make It!
      The Bible: The Story Isn't Over

 March 2013
      A Donkey
      God Is Always Enough
      God Is With Us!

 February 2013
      Life Is About Living
      Get a Grip!
      Escape the Worry
      Bridge Out!

 January 2013
      It's Not a Fairytale
      Demonstration Models
      Adore Him!
      358 Days and Counting!
      A New Year!

 December 2012
      The Perfect Christmas
      CHRISTmas is Coming!

 November 2012
       Holiday Hustle or Holiday Hope?

 October 2012
       What Scares You?
       Be a Mountain Mover!

 September 2012
       The Starfish
       A Grand Adventure!

 August 2012
       The Shelter in the Storm

 July 2012
       Giving Grace

 June 2012
       The Ultimate Father

 May 2012
       Memorial Day: Flag of Freedom
       Land of the Living
       Mountain-Sized Storms

 April 2012
       The Waiting Room
       Cracked Eggs
       365 Days of Easter

 March 2012

       A Cat Named Monkey

 February 2012
       It's the Little Things

 January 2012
       Something New
       The Journey to Cloud Nine

 October 2011
       Patience Really is a Virtue
       Changing Leaves

 July 2011
       A Person Should...

 June 2011
       Summer Joys
       You Can Pray
       Be Strong

 May 2011
       Are You Okay?
       Keep On Keeping On
       Cherish Life - In Memory of Corporal Gary Edwards
       Have Faith
       If Every Day Was Sunday
       Get Off the Horse
       May Day

 April 2011
       Be Still
       Broken to Beautiful
       New Eyes
       Easter Blessings
       A New Sense of Direction
       Who's On Your Doorstep?
       Lost in Translation
       The "Big Break"
       Looking Back; Moving Forward
       A Donkey
       Stuck in the Sunset
       Life's Disappointments
       One Day, I'll...
       Life: You Can't Do It Alone
       When You Don't Understand
       Sweet Talk
       Taken for Granted
       A Crowning Achievement
       Don't Be a Fool

 March 2011
       Doing What God is Blessing
       The Calm in the Storm
       In ALL Things???
       Never Give Up
       Forever Friends
       Wanting It All
       Three Simple Words
       Why, God?
       Secret Place
       A Greater Love
       Let Go
       Always Enough
       What Do They See?
       "What's Next?"
       "Perfect" Plans
       A Not-So-Good Day

 February 2011
       When Life Changes
       Don't Worry. Be Happy!
       My First Official Blog!  

          there is hope for you!

Through every circumstance life throws our way, Jesus will always help us through every valley and over every mountain. Why? Because that is how much He loves us. First John 3:16 says, “This is how we know what love is: Christ gave His life for us.” Love is more than a word. It is an action. Christ did not die on the cross to gain notoriety. Jesus Christ died to cleanse our sins, to redeem us, and to give us life everlasting in Heaven with Him. If you had been the only person on the face of this earth, Jesus still would have given His life for you. He loves you more than you could imagine.


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