Jennifer would love to come to your church, women's conference, school, or other venue to share her story in word and song. It is her prayer that God will use the words she speaks to encourage, inspire, and change lives. Having experienced many disappointments in her young life, she knows firsthand that Jesus Christ will stick closer than a brother. Through it all, there is always hope in Jesus Christ. Jennifer wants to spread the message of Jesus' eternal hope and unconditional love to the world. Please view the list of Jennifer's current speaking topics available below. Jennifer will gladly cover additional topics, as requested. If you would like to schedule Jennifer to come to your next service or event, please click here for more information.

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Jesus Gave His Life For Love

Consider the love of Jesus Christ. He didn’t just send us a card on Valentine’s Day. He didn’t send us a text message, follow us on Twitter, or befriend us on Facebook. And He didn’t make a phone call, send a letter, or e-mail us either. No. Jesus Christ died to show us how great His love is for us. I John 3:16 says, “This is how we know what love is; Jesus laid down His life for us.” The Bible clearly states that love is the selfless act of Jesus giving His life for us. He loved us so much that He endured the agony of the cross, so that we might have eternal life in Heaven. The Son of the living God went above and beyond every gift ever given in the history of mankind. He gave His life. Not just for a particular person of a certain race, culture, socioeconomic status, or other demographical statistic. Jesus Christ died for every single person on the planet.

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Topics Covered: Unconditional Love, Salvation, Parenting, Sin, Eternal Life

What Is Your Calling?

Ever since I was a little girl, I have had a burning desire to tell others about the love of Jesus Christ. As an adult, I yearn for God to swing wide the doors of opportunity for me to minister even more to people around the world. What about you? Do you long for something more? Is there a tugging at your heart to accomplish something bigger than yourself? Beyond our occupation, our family, our friends, we are all here for a greater purpose. God has placed us on this earth to fulfill a divine calling in our lives. Will you be the one to answer the call that God has placed on your life? Will you take time to visit someone, to write to someone, to talk to someone and tell them about the saving grace of Jesus Christ? You are the only Bible some people will ever read. If you do not tell them about Jesus, they may never be able to look beyond their circumstances. Allow him to use you according to his perfect will. I can guarantee that your life will be forever changed when you start looking beyond the shortcomings of this world and begin focusing on the amazing plan God has for your life!

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Topics Covered: Ministry, Purpose, God's Plan for You

Jesus, Help: My Testimony

Have you ever asked someone for a little help? Sometimes, we need more than a helping hand. When life seems like it is spiraling out of control, there are times when we need divine intervention. On January 2, 1982, a premature baby girl entered this world in the midst of what seemed like a hopeless situation. The doctors had given up hope for her survival. But her parents knew that God was faithful. Struggling to cope with the situation, they simply prayed, “Jesus, help.” That little baby was me. I was born lifeless. God raised me up and gave me life. I am living proof that the same God who performed miracles in Bible times still performs miracles today. Nothing has changed. All of God’s promises are true, even in the year 2015. The Bible says if we have faith as small as a mustard seed, we can move mountains. My parents had great faith. The medical world said that I would not live. But through faith, my parents asked Jesus to help. They sent up a “Mayday” call, if you will, to the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. He heard their desperate cry for help. Because of the miraculous power of Jesus Christ, I am here today.

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Topics Covered: Faith, Prayer, Miracles, Hope

Tackling the Giants

What or who is the giant in your life? Is it a pile of financial burdens or a severe illness that has you bedridden? Could it be a job that has you overstressed? Perhaps it is a friend or family member who constantly torments you with negativity. Whatever circumstances you may find yourself in, rest assured that God is with you. He is aware of the giant you face. Just as he provided David with smooth stones and a slingshot, Moses with a staff, and me with peace in many heartbreaking and uncertain situations, He will also provide you with the means to face your giants. Put your trust in Jesus Christ. He will restore your joy, fill your heart with peace, and help you tackle the giants in your life!

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Topics Covered: Faith, Trust, Loss, Grief, Moses, David and Goliath, Football

5,000 Dinner Guests

Jesus’ disciples nearly panicked when Jesus told them to feed the thousands of people. What good would a few pieces of bread and a handful of fish do when there was a multitude to feed? They couldn’t run to the nearby Sam’s Club or Costco and load up a flatbed cart full of the necessary items to prepare a delightful meal of the highest quality fish and artisan bread. Who knows how close the nearest market even was? But they didn’t want to disappoint Jesus, the Lord of Lords and King of Kings. I’m sure they held the loaves and fish in their hands, trying to come up with a plan in what seemed like an impossible situation. Soon they found out once more that nothing is impossible with God. God did not just provide the minimal amount to feed everyone there, but there were leftovers! Imagine the disciples’ faces as they picked up the pieces that were not eaten because the crowd had had their fill. Our lives are a lot like the miracle of the loaves and fishes. Many times, we are given blessings or responsibilities that may seem small at first, but inevitably, every little thing we do for the Kingdom of God is epic in proportion!

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Topics Covered: Faith, Impossible to Possible, Worry, Stress

Follow Hope

Have you ever felt as if you were at the end of your rope? Or do you feel like you are traveling through a tunnel, unable to see the light? Don’t be discouraged. Jesus Christ will give you hope, even in the midst of a seemingly hopeless situation. I know firsthand that there are some things in life that seem insurmountable. As a little girl, I sang at the funerals of my two baby brothers. I experienced the loss of three grandparents. In 2008, my sweet Mama went to Heaven. I have spent many weeks in the hospital, wondering when I would ever get to come home. But through it all, God has remained faithful to me. I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that He will never give us more than we can bear. While this world has its share of trials and tribulations, one thing never wavers. That is God’s love for you and me. He loves you and me more than we could ever comprehend. Don’t dwell on the things of this world. Follow the everlasting Hope!

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Topics Covered: Hope, Love, Discouragement, Disappointment, Grief

Christmas Changed the World

On the first Christmas night, there were no last-minute holiday sales or revolving Christmas trees adorned with twinkling lights. No one wrote Christmas cards to a hundred of their closest relatives or friends and no one wrapped gag gifts for the annual office Christmas party. On that glorious night, a bright star lit up the heavens, announcing the birth of the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. The first Christmas night, while quite humble compared to the fanfare we have today, was the moment that changed the world forever. Even amid the holiday hustle, Jesus Christ is the reason for it all. Without the birth of Christ, Christmas would not be CHRISTmas. Without Christ, the world would not be the same. The birth of Jesus brought love, peace, and joy to the world. On that first Christmas night so long ago, Hope was born. Eternal hope found only through Jesus Christ.

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Topics Covered: Hope, Love, Christmas