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October 2020
Our Greatest Calling
      Salt and Light
      Goodness or Grace?
      A New Lease on Life!
      Hope That Does Not Disappoint!
      Stuck in the Sunset
      Are You Living in Conflict or Peace?
      Glory to His Name!
      Maybe Tomorrow
      Worship the King!
      Uncertain Times
      Second Chances
      God Has a Master Plan
      Deep Roots
      God Never Changes

September 2020
Step Out in Faith!
      When the Rain Pours
      Two Years Ago Today
      Worship the One True God!
      The Harvest
      God Will Make a Way!
      What Are You Thinking?
      A New Season!
      Pleasing God
      What Are You Doing For Jesus?
      The Grains of Sand
      All in for God!
      Declare His Glory!
      Strong Faith
      Fully Trusting
      That's Him!
      Life Is Fragile
      Nothing Can Separate Us!
      Only One Thing Is Needed
      Be Joyful!
      Real Love
      What the World Needs
      Always Pray Earnestly!
      Life Is a Mission Field!
      Only One Way

August 2020
Disturb Us, Lord
      Treasures in Heaven
      Slow Down!
      The Storms of Life
      The Door Is Open!
      Words Like Honey
      Never Stop Praying
      What Is Your Choice?
      Nothing Can Separate Us!
      Plant in Good Soil!
      The Appointed Time
      Watch Your Words
      More Than Leftovers
      What Can We Give?
      Trust in the Only Living God!
      Fresh Fruit
      Making Friends
      Our Place of Safety
      Where We Belong
      An Unexpected Opportunity
      Coming Soon!
      Standing on Solid Ground
      Are You Afraid?
      Who Do You Represent?
      Live By Faith!

July 2020
All Things Work Together!
      The One Thing That Will Never Change
      Hope That Lasts
      Following the Right Path
      Have You Made Your Choice?
      How Long Will It Last?
      Are You an Encourager?
      Love Your Neighbor
      Do You Need Answers?
      This Could Be the Day!
      What Do You Say?

June 2020
Life Is Fragile
      All That Matters
      More Than a Father
      Trust Your Guide
      The Calm Within the Storm
      The Answer for the World

May 2020
The God of the Universe Cares About You!
      Right With God
      Life According to God's Plan
      Unconditional Love
      The Significance of Today
      Singing at Midnight
      The Blessing of a Mother
      There Is Light at the End of the Tunnel
      From Sunset to Sunshine

April 2020
Love Beyond Measure
      Come Back to God!
      How to Have Peace in a Pandemic
      You've Got a Friend!
      Social Distancing
      Do You Believe?
      Good Friday Is All About Grace
      Shout Hosanna!

March 2020
How to Handle Fear
      Be Safe. Be Still. Be Wise!
      Are You Looking for Protection?
      Do Not Fear!

February 2020
Do You Need Peace?
      You Are Loved!
      A Secret Place
      A Real Relationship

January 2020
Our Greatest Need
      Every Life Matters!
      The Precious Gift of Life
      Don't Follow the Crowd
      Finding Purpose in 2020
      Birthdays Are a Gift from God!

December 2019
The Greatest Christmas Blessing
      It's Not About Christmas!
      God Deserves the Glory!
      This Christmas, Be Still
      God Will Always Be Faithful

November 2019
Have a Blessed Thanksgiving!
      Give Him Thanks!
      Do You Remember?
      Share the Love!
      A Sacrifice of Love
      When Opportunity Knocks
      Always Be Thankful!

October 2019
One Year Ago...
      God Is Concerned About You
      The Source of All Comfort
      What Are You Doing?
      Share the Gift of Hope
      Thank You!

September 2019
When I Think About the Lord
      The Harvest Is Plentiful
      How Long?
      Have Faith Through the Storm

August 2019
Are You Prepared?
      Expanding Borders
      It's Not the Great Suggestion
      When You're in the Sunset

July 2019
True Freedom

June 2019
There Is Sunshine Awaiting You!
      Sing and Make Music to the Lord!
      The Faithful Father
      A Way in the Wilderness
      We Need a Pentecost
      You Have a Purpose

May 2019
The Greatest Sacrifice
      Follow the Son
      Where Is Your Hope Built?
      What Is Faith?

April 2019
I Love to Tell the Story!
      He Is Alive!
      Eternal Redemption
      Remember, He Is Faithful

March 2019
Overcoming the Troubles of Life
      Choose What Is Better!
      To the Ends of the Earth
      Every Day Is Special
      The Source of Our Strength
      You Are Loved More Than You Could Imagine!

February 2019
Praise His Name
      A Simple Truth About Love
      The Greatest Love Story
      God is Awesome!
      Speaking to the Storm
      The Greatest Prize

January 2019
Hope for the Future
      Choose Life!
      Our Refuge in Every Storm
      By Faith
      True Joy
      Thank You!
      Birthday Blessings
      Follow Jesus!
      Every Year is a Blessing!

December 2018
New Year's Resolutions
      Merry Christmas!
      More Than You Could Imagine
      Finding Peace on Earth
      Immanuel, God With Us
      Are You Looking for Sunshine?

November 2018
God Is With Us!
      Do Something!
      Thanksgiving Every Day
      Treasured Friends
      Giving Hope and Love
      Remember His Faithfulness
      What Are You Doing?
      Prayer, Patience, Peace

October 2018
A Friend Like No Other
      Worship in Spirit and in Truth!
      The Bread of Life

September 2018
The Prayer of Faith
      Lost Sheep
      Set Apart
      A New Season
      I'm Not Ashamed
      Our Refuge Our Peace
      He Will Stand By You
      Trusting in the Lord
      Learning to Be Still

August 2018
Jesus is Our Hope
      Go Into All the World

June 2018
Happy Father's Day!
The Everlasting Father
      Jesus Went Out of His Way
Pleasing in His Sight
      Jesus Loves You!

May 2018
Restoring the Broken
      The Workers Are Few
      The Power of God
      What Are You Doing for the King?
      Complete Joy

April 2018
True Strength
      Good News!
      Jesus is the Way!
      Who Do You Follow?

March 2018
There is Hope!
      Don't Keep Quiet
      This is Love
      Only One Thing is Needed
      Bumpy Roads
      Amazing Love
      How to Be Wise
      Home Sweet Home

February 2018
Today is the Day!
      How Excellent!
      Going for the Gold
      He Deserves All Praise!

January 2018
Amazing Grace
      The Value of Life
      Surely Goodness
      A Small Voice
      Real Love
      Birthdays are the Gift!

December 2017
The Christmas Story
      Holiday Hustle
      A Word from the Wise
      Making Christmas Merry
      It's Beginning to Look Like Christmas!
      The First Day of Christmas

November 2017
Finding the Perfect Gift
      Shoeboxes Filled With Love
      Early Arrival
      Remember His Faithfulness!
      It's Not Too Late!
      Singing in the Midnight Hour

October 2017
One Lost Sheep
      Harvest Time
      The Stars in the Sky
      You Are Loved!
      Pray Now
      When Troubles Rise
      Sing for Joy!

September 2017
Waiting and Waiting
      Entertaining Angels Unaware
      A Piece of Chocolate Cake
      After the Storm
      Do Not Fear
      The Storm
      Our Help Comes from the Lord!
      Hope for the Future

August 2017
Seeking the Son
      Standing on the Solid Rock
      The Lord is Our Salvation
      Mondays Are a Blessing
      A Day of Firsts

July 2017
Are You Ready?
      Love Wins
      Greater Love

June 2017
The Father
      A Rainbow in the Sky
      The Family of God
      God's Promises Preserve Lives
      It's Not the End!
      The Day of Pentecost

May 2017
No Hesitation
      An Anchor for the Soul
      Every Moment Matters
      A Second Chance
      Call His Name
      The Lord is Our Shepherd
      Great is His Faithfulness
      National Day of Prayer
      A Familiar Voice
      We Are Healed!

April 2017
    God's Amazing Creation
The Flowers of Springtime
Three Years Ago Today
Keep Paddling!
Something More
Jesus Calms the Storm
Happy Resurrection Day!
Do You Know Jesus?
Grace Friday
By His Wounds, We Are Healed!
Who is Jesus?
The Very First Be Encouraged Chat
Tomorrow, Tomorrow!
Build Upon the Rock!

March 2017
There is No Substitute!
      Embrace Every Opportunity!
      Are You Hungry?
      Have You Ever Wondered Why?
      Do You Believe in God?
      It's Never Too Late!
      The Greatest Wedding of All
      Tying Up Loose Ends
      Looking Straight Ahead
      God Will Never Change!
      Swept Under the Rug
      New Beginnings

February 2017
The Right Ingredients
      A New Thing!
      The Perfect Day
      Make Preparations!
      Love Your Enemies
      Live in the Light!
      He Loves Me
      The Greatest Valentine
      A Demonstration of Love
      Christ Will Return!
      Make Music in Your Heart!
      Small Things Become Great
      Completely Clean
      No Eye Has Seen
      When the Storms Come
      Strength for the Weary
      Pressing On Toward the Goal
      A Cheerful Heart
      In and Out of Season
      Do You Make God Proud?

January 2017
Heavy Burdens
      Incomparably Great Power
      Good Samaritans
      Our Fortress
      The Precious Gift of Life
      Are You Ready?
      One Month Ago Today
      Loving One Another
      I Have Decided
      The Name of Jesus
      The Freedom to Pray
      His Truth is Marching On!
      Counting Down
      Listen to His Voice
      The Flowers of the Field
      God Answers Prayer!
      Value Life and Live a Life of Value
      My Best Friend
      Don't Worry!
      When We Are Weak, He is Strong!
      Strive to Be Spotless!
      Answered Prayers
      Pay It Forward!
      A New Chapter
      With a Grateful Heart
      Birthdays Are a Gift from God!
      New Year's Resolutions

December 2016
The New Has Come!
      New Opportunities
      Come, Let Us Adore Him!
      The Birthday of the King
      The Perfect Christmas
      One Little Light
      It's No Secret
      Is Your Christmas Merry?
      Share the Joy!
      The Season of Giving
      Christ Was Born for You!
      Christmas is More Than a Story
      Go, Tell It on the Mountain!
      God's Grace is Sufficient!
      He Will Never Stop Loving You
      Talk About Christmas!
      Love Your Neighbor!
      Christ is Our Life
      Heavenly Landscapes
      Within Reach
      What Are You Looking for?
      Worship Him!
      Do Not Be Anxious
      Make Room in Your Heart!
      God's Faithfulness

November 2016
God With Us
      Shine Bright!
      We All Need Jesus
      The Purpose of Music
      Cast Aside Every Weight!
      The Cattle on a Thousand Hills
      Think About These Things!
      More Than We Imagine!
      Speak to the Mountain!
      An Indescribable Gift!
      An Eternal Crown
      Humble Yourselves Before the Lord
      Willing to Serve
      Jesus Christ is King!
      Make Your Election Sure!
      True Contentment
      Unmerited Favor - Part Two
      Unmerited Favor - Part One
      Redeeming the Time
      Running Toward Home
      What Do You Treasure?
      The Need for Deep Roots
      30 Days of Thanks

  October 2016
    Hiding Behind the Mask
      Prayer Changes Everything
      Do Not Be Ashamed!
      A Giving Heart
      Finding Favor
      By His Stripes, We Are Healed
      When the Lost is Found
      Build Your House Upon the Rock!
      When the Lost is Found
      Changing Leaves
      Do Not Give Up!
      Do All You Can!
      Stand Firm!
      Cast Your Cares on Him!
      Fully Trusting in God
      Beyond the Sunset
      Choose Joy!
      It's Time for Harvest!
      He Turns Darkness Into Light!
      Call on Jesus!
      Follow His Call - Part Two
      Follow His Call - Part One
      Living by Faith - Part Two
      Living by Faith - Part One
      Pray for One Another! - Part Two
      Pray for One Another! - Part One
      The Wind and the Waves
      One True God
      Call Upon the Lord!
      Bless the Lord at All Times!

 September 2016
    You Are Worth More Than Gold
      Pray Always!
      Be Still
      What is Your Story?
      Your Labor is Not in Vain!
      A Light in the Darkness
      The Storms of Life