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“I love Jennifer Campbell’s heart, love and passion for Jesus and His never ending love for each one of us. Jennifer’s words of encouragement have ministered, encouraged and challenged me numerous times since we first met. I love that in spite of all she has walked thru and dealt with, she constantly focuses on the good. She’s real, she’s honest, she speaks life and truth, and above all else, I know her greatest desire is to share the message of His hope and encouragement to all she comes in contact with. This book will be one that I will pick up and read over and over as a reminder of Jesus’ great love, care and strength for not only myself, but for so many reasons. I am cheering Jennifer on because that is what encouragers do, and I believe in her. Read this book and apply the truths of her heart to where you are on the journey.”

Dusty Wells
Author, Blogger, Encourager, Music Biz Guy

“Jennifer never fails to fully communicate the love of Jesus in her writing. She has been a faithful member of our SGN Scoops Magazine team for many years and we are thrilled that she has taken the step of releasing a volume of her own. Articulate and compassionate, Jennifer is eager to share her faith with the world.”

Lorraine Walker
Editor, SGN Scoops Magazine

“Jennifer Campbell is a kind, gentle soul with a heart of gold. I have had the privilege and honor of knowing her for more than twenty years. Jennifer has grown into an amazing woman of God. It is a joy to watch and see how the Lord is using this gentle giant. Her love for Jesus is contagious. She has a tremendous burden to lead people to the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ. She has used her experiences of traveling the world for reaching out to people with different cultures and personally giving them the Gospel. She talks with them, shares meals with them, sings with them, and most of all, she prays with them. Just like the Helen Steiner Rice’s poem, ‘Strangers Are Friends We Haven’t Met Yet,’ that hangs on her wall, Jennifer genuinely cares about everyone. No one is a stranger to her. To know Jennifer is to love her. She inspires me to become a better witness for the Lord. This honest, pure, heartfelt book is filled with wonderful stories and testimonies. It truly reveals Jennifer’s sincere passion to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. She is a bright light in this world!”

Karen Peck Gooch
Karen Peck & New River

“What an honor and privilege it is to speak on behalf of Jennifer Campbell. Having known her for a number of years, I have always been inspired by her genuine smile and godly presence. Now having read portions of her book, There’s Sunshine Awaiting You, Jennifer has fully exposed her love for God, and desire to spread the Gospel to every land. This book will certainly ignite a fresh love for God in you by sharing that love with all people.”

Terry Williams
Priority Worship; Director, Florida Worship Choir & Orchestra

“This is a must-read for every believer. Within these pages, Jennifer shares her story, and her story begins with her miraculous birth. In this autobiography, Jennifer shares with passion her gratitude for her Savior, her love for family, and her desire to help grow the body of Christ.”

Angela Hester
Lifelong Friend

“Whenever Jennifer opens her mouth to speak or to sing, or when she takes to her computer to write, Jennifer is a communicator. And there really is only one subject she desires to communicate: the Lord Jesus Christ. Thank you for always pointing us to the sunny side of the street!”

Evie Tornquist Karlsson
Evie Music

“I praise God for His grace toward me to see Jennifer’s ministry, humiliation, and deep valley experiences, not closely, but indirectly from far away. God has elevated Jennifer and set her as a model and inspiration to many others in the church after she has successfully overcome many problems and has been made as a cleansed precious pearl. A good Christian life is worth more than a thousand messages. Jennifer’s writings are like a candle in the darkness for many people, encouraging them through faith, as per Acts 1:8 & Mark 16:15.”

Praveen Kumar
Pastor, Bethesda Indo-Kuwait Ministries, Kuwait and India

“Jennifer has always had such a positive, sweet countenance that radiates when she shares Christ! I am grateful for those who provide a little sunshine in a dark world, and it is a privilege to watch Jennifer shine!”

Sheri Easter
Jeff & Sheri Easter

“Jennifer is a sweet child of God devoted to writing her heart in song and now her new book. She has dedicated her life to following Christ and encouraging others. She has blessed many souls through her ministry. I’m so proud of her first literary effort, There’s Sunshine Awaiting You.”

Marcia Henry

Jennifer and her dad served God in our church with praise and worship songs and the Word of God in the summer of 2018. I was touched by their passion for Jesus and their passion for the lost. When Jennifer and her dad shared their testimonies, songs, and the Word of God with us, God touched all of us and their words are still remembered today. We were glad to have them among us in Romania. Jennifer’s godly joy comes from a sincere heart. She is full of passion to spread the Gospel of Jesus Christ everywhere in this world, like in the Book of Acts 1:8. I would like to encourage you to read Jennifer’s book, for I believe God will use it to touch you, encourage you, heal you, and your life will change. Please get a copy of this book and read it with joy.”

Peter Rong Makur
Pastor, Spiritual Revival Baptist Church, Bucharest, Romania