Jennifer Joy Campbell was born and raised in the Sunshine State of Florida, where she and her father, Ken, share a home on their small family farm with their orange and white tabby cat, Morris. She also enjoys spending time with her Grandma Lucille.

Jennifer is a public school teacher and host of the Be Encouraged webcast, viewed each week by thousands of people representing all parts of the globe. She and her dad broadcast this inspirational program every Tuesday and Friday evening. Having been blessed to travel to over fifty-five countries, her greatest passion is sharing the love of Jesus Christ around the world. She is also a talented writer, speaker, and web designer.

Jennifer is a graduate of Florida Gateway College (Lake City, Florida), the University of Florida (Gainesville, Florida), and Nova Southeastern University (Fort Lauderdale, Florida). She completed her Master of Science degree in English education with a 4.0 GPA. She has been teaching public school for sixteen years, following in her dad’s footsteps. She currently serves as the elementary teacher for Suwannee Virtual School and an adjunct English professor for Toccoa Falls College.

Her dad, Ken, is a high school and college mathematics instructor, having thirty-five years’ experience in the field of education. In the summer of 2019, he will be retiring from public education to devote more time to the ministry.

In addition to being educators, this father-daughter team enjoys cooking and baking. They are always experimenting with new creations in the kitchen, both sweet and savory, from fresh-baked cookies and cakes to homemade pasta and artisan bread.

Jennifer and her dad are involved in a worldwide missionary outreach, Christ Will Return Ministries. The focus of this ministry is to call attention to the return of Jesus Christ, to proclaim the Gospel to those who are lost, and to encourage believers to share the love of Christ boldly.

Ken and Jennifer are both gifted songwriters and accomplished pianists. They produce their recordings in-house using a large number of acoustic instruments as well as sampled orchestral notes from the Vienna Symphonic Library.

Jennifer and her dad have also written many Gospel tracts, a number of which have been translated into approximately twenty languages. They frequently travel to various parts of the world to share the Gospel and sing of His love. They consider it a blessing to have visited more than fifty countries and territories around the world. God has been with them each step of the way.

Ken and Jennifer make their Gospel articles, Be Encouraged webcast, and a number of their songs freely available online for the widest possible distribution worldwide at For one day soon, Christ will return.

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Twitter: @JenJoyCampbell