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The Search for Answers

When was the last time you asked someone a question? Or when was the last time you typed in an address on your GPS system? What if life was that simple? What would the world be like if we could ask a question and immediately receive the perfect answer? While the Internet has the answer to many questions, it cannot tell me where I will be twenty years from now. It cannot tell us if we will be united in marriage or if we will have children and raise a family. Amid a myriad of challenging questions, it seems we are all on the constant search for answers. The World Wide Web cannot answer them. Even someone as intelligent as Einstein would be utterly perplexed. Yet the answer is so simple a child could understand.

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Be Encouraged!

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Lend a Helping Hand

Several years ago, my parents and I took over 500 pounds of supplies to an orphanage in Honduras. What a blessing it was to see the excitement on the children's faces as they enjoyed eating grilled cheese sandwiches using the Velveeta Cheese we brought them. So many people need a helping hand, including the Louisiana flood victims and so many others who are enduring hardships around the world. I challenge you to not only help others, but to also tell someone about Jesus Christ! Share with them the greatest gift you could ever give: life-changing salvation found only through Jesus Christ! #BeEncouraged #Help #Donate #Victims #Orphanage #Children #Volunteer #Watch #Share #Video

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Monday, August 22, 2016

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