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September 2015: Hope in a Box

Three years ago, I received an e-mail that brought tears to my eyes. It was from a child in Uganda who received a Christmas shoebox from my Dad and me. This precious child said that people hated them because they had HIV/Aids. I responded and told them I loved them like Jesus. I also told them Jesus loved them so very much. Their response said they wanted to know more about Jesus who loved them. Since I tearfully read that first e-mail, we have kept in contact. I pray for them continually.

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Be Encouraged! with Jennifer Campbell

When my Dad and I went to Ephesus, we stood in the theater there and declared, "Great is the God of the Apostle Paul!" Just as Paul was bold in his faith, we need to share the love of Jesus Christ with everyone we meet. May this video encourage you today and remind you how great God truly is! #GreatIsOurGod #Acts #Romans #IAmNotAshamedOfTheGospel #BeBold #BeEncouraged #Share #Watch

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Sunday, October 4, 2015