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April 2016: A Life for Love

Would you drive 1,000 miles to have dinner with a complete stranger? Could you spare 72 hours of your time to help someone in need? Would you risk your life in an attempt to rescue an individual who sought to murder you? While these complex scenarios may sound somewhat outrageous, they truly pale in comparison to the sacrifice Jesus Christ made to show his love toward us. Jesus gave his life for every single person on this planet. Why did he go to such lengths? He gave his life for love.

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Be Encouraged! with Jennifer Campbell

Wait Patiently

Yesterday, I was helping my Dad mend fences, so the cattle could be moved into our adjacent field. They mooed the entire time, impatiently wanting to eat the taller, greener grass on the other side. They complained because they did not understand we were working on their behalf. Likewise, God is continually working on our behalf. Yet we often grumble and complain, unable to see the big picture. Instead, we need to wait patiently, assured that God is working all things together for our good. #BeEncouraged #WaitPatiently #Patience #Watch #Share #Cattle #Cows #Farm #Fence #BigPicture

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Sunday, April 24, 2016