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June 2016: The Ultimate Father

This Father’s Day, many children, young and old alike, will honor their fathers through cards, gifts, and the greatest treasure of all, love. And yes, dad will likely receive tie #87 to add to his collection. But it isn’t about the sentimental greeting card bearing the perfect verse or the funny card with the verse that says “How much do I love you?” leading to the giant hands that pop out and say, “This much!” Father’s Day is about honoring the man who cared for you as a child and through your teen years. He loved you even when you spit up on his new suit on the way to church, he loved you when you accidentally backed his car into the garage door, and he loves you even now, no matter how old you are, with your quirks and all.

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Be Encouraged! with Jennifer Campbell

Saved by Grace

Did you ever climb a tree? Whether you were having fun as a child or trying to rescue the neighbor's cat, I am sure you remember the experience very well. In God's Word, we read about a wealthy man named Zacchaeus. He climbed up a tree so he could see Jesus. Jesus forgave all of his sins and went to his house that day, in spite of the disapproval from the crowd. Why? Because of unconditional love. Just like He loved Zacchaeus, Jesus Christ loves you and I more than we could ever imagine. We have been saved by grace! #BeEncouraged #tree #Grace #Zacchaeus #Love #Watch #Share

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Sunday, June 12, 2016