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May 2015: Honor Your Mother

Mother’s Day is one of the most beloved holidays on the calendar. The mere mention of Mom evokes a feeling that symbolizes a lifetime of love. Whether she is called Mother, Mom, Mama, Mum, or Mommy, the woman who takes care of her household and gives birth to her children is to be praised (Proverbs 31:30). So take a moment today to praise your mother for everything she has done for you. From changing your diapers and cleaning up your messes to being your personal chauffeur to countless activities and giving you a priceless treasure trove of wisdom, your mother has loved you unconditionally since the day you were conceived. Whether you buy her a sentimental card or a bountiful bouquet of flowers, the most important thing you could do for your mother is to let her know you appreciate her and you love her.

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