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February 2016: No Greater Love

This Valentine’s Day, men and women alike will try to outdo the opposite sex by purchasing the freshest bouquet of roses, the sweetest box of chocolates, or the most costly piece of jewelry they can afford. Others may purchase weekend getaways, new automobiles, gourmet dinners, and the like. Children will cut out hearts and write Valentines to their parents, teachers, family, and friends. But even amid all of this red and pink and everything from heart-shaped candies to ice cubes shaped like X’s and O’s, is this really the best way to convey our love for one another? Perhaps in all of our haste to wrap the right gift, we may have lost the meaning of Valentine’s Day altogether. Love is not found inside a greeting card or even a chocolate truffle. Love is found through our actions. How we talk to others, how we treat them, and what we do for them every day of the year. That’s love.

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Be Encouraged! with Jennifer Campbell

God is Always Enough!

Today would have been my Mom's 60th birthday. It is hard to believe that eight birthdays have gone by since she went to be with Jesus. While many things in life are difficult to comprehend, we can rest assured that God's grace will be sufficient. In every circumstance, God will always be enough! #BeEncouraged #Watch #Share #GodIsFaithful #Birthday #Mom #Grace

Posted by Jennifer Campbell on Sunday, February 7, 2016